My research interests are in the fields of health economics, industrial organization, and econometrics, wherein I apply theoretical and empirical methods from the econometrics and industrial organization literatures to questions of hospital, physician, and insurer behaviors. The majority of my ongoing work examines the relationship between hospitals and physicians and how this relationship may influence hospital production, pricing, and physician behaviors. My research also examines several aspects related to the Medicare Advantage market. In addition to issues of competitiveness, pricing, and network formation, my research on Medicare Advantage often relates to literature on the economics of information, where my coauthors and I examine how consumers and firms respond to changes in available plan information (i.e., quality disclosure).

Selected Publications

  1. "Quality Disclosure and the Timing of Insurers' Adjustments: Evidence from Medicare Advantage," Journal of Health Economics, 2018

  2. "Vertical Alignment Between Hospitals and Physicians as a Bargaining Response to Commercial Insurance Markets," (with Sean Huang) Review of Industrial Organization, 2018
    - Supplemental appendix

  3. "It's a Cruel Summer: Household Responses to Reductions in Government Nutrition Assistance," (with Lorenzo Almada) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2017

  4. "Supply-side Responses to Public Quality Ratings: Evidence from Medicare Advantage," (with Michael Darden) American Journal of Health Economics, 2017

  5. "Eliminating Composite Bias in Treatment Effects Estimates: Applications to Quality of Life Assessments," Journal of Health Economics, 2016

  6. "What Can We Learn about the Effects of Food Stamps on Obesity in the Presence of Misreporting," (with Lorenzo Almada and Rusty Tchernis) American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2016
    - Honorable mention for Best Paper in the Economics of Food Safety and Nutrition by the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association

  7. "Advertising Intensity and Welfare in an Equilibrium Search Model," Economics Letters, 2016

  8. "The Star Treatment: Estimating the Impact of Star Ratings on Medicare Advantage Enrollments," (with Michael Darden) Journal of Human Resources, 2015

  9. "Putting the Patient in Patient Reported Outcomes: A Robust Methodology for Health Outcomes Assessment," Health Economics, 2015

  10. "Bounding Treatment Effects: Stata Command for the Partial Identification of the Average Treatment Effect with Endogenous and Misreported Treatment Assignment," (with Manan Roy and Dan Millimet) The Stata Journal, 2015

  11. "Cost Savings from Palliative Care Teams and Guidance for a Financially Viable Palliative Care Program," (with Chessie Robinson, Saqib Huq, Martha Philastre, and Robert Fine) Health Services Research, 2015

  12. "The bmte Command: Methods for the Estimation of Treatment Effects when Exclusion Restrictions are Unavailable," (with Dan Millimet and Rusty Tchernis) The Stata Journal, 2014

Working Papers

  1. “Physician Affiliation and Hospital Production.” Under review.

  2. “Multimarket contact in health insurance: Evidence from Medicare Advantage,” with Haizhen Lin. Under review. NBER Working Paper 24486.

  3. “Hospital Pricing and Public Payments,” with Eric Barrette and Michael Darden. Under review. NBER Working Paper 24304.

  4. “Short Staffing, Worker Preferences, and Time Allocation: Evidence from Public Health Clinics,” with Yinan Liu and Matthew Harris. Under review.

  5. “Long-term Care Insurance Purchasing and the Role of Financial Literacy,” with Rashmita Basu. Under review.

  6. “Physician Behaviors and Hospital Influence,” with Haizhen Lin and Michael Richards.

  7. “Physician-hospital Integration and Hospital Pricing,” with Haizhen Lin and Michael Richards.

  8. “The effect of leveraged buyouts on hospital quality and costs,” with Sean Huang.

Video Summaries of My Research